TSE Business Talk: Clementine Galles – Société Générale Sectoral Risk Analysis in a Bank

As the second semester of this academic year is starting, it is time for most of the students from TSE to start looking for internships or jobs, to start the professional life at the beginning of April. For this, the School has prepared a series of Business Talks where alumni from the University comes and explain their different experiences as professionals. Inaugurating this new term, the School received Clementine Galles from Société Générale, one of France and Europe biggest bank.


Interview with the Governor de la Banque de France

Brexit has been a central topic for the past months. How do you expect Brexit to impact financially and economically the EU countries?

Brexit is bad news, first and foremost for the UK and its economy, and to a lesser extent for Europe. Obviously we have to respect it as well as the choices of the British government in the negotiations to come. A key question is what solution the UK will choose regarding its single market access. Will it want full access or will it favour a third-country type of agreement? Even though we cannot make any assumptions at this stage as to the outcome of the negotiations, we can still state clear principles and stick to them: if the UK wants to keep full access to the European single market, it will have to apply all its rules, including the free movement of persons and workers. And there can be no free riding, and no cherry picking.